ArabaMeetings 4.0

The Alava Chamber of Commerce organizes ArabaMeetings 4.0, virtual meetings with Spanish companies working as suppliers of Industry 4.0 solutions, looking for cooperation.

This a good activity to find new principals and to wide the ranger of your offer to your final costumers.

ArabaMeetings 4.0 will be held continuously within June 2020

List of Spanish firms registered Register for free

How it works?

A list of companies looking for cooperation, can be found here.

In the case of you are interested in a virtual meeting with some of these companies, you can request a meeting by filling this form.

When a company accepts the meeting, both firms will receive a confirmation wiht time, date, and a GoogleMeet virtual room for the meeting. Meetings will be held, in preference, on thursdays.

Two days before the Meeting, each participant will receive a reminder.