Spanish companies looking for commercial agents in D,A,CH

[+info] Alumipres SL - Aluminium pressure casting, small and medium series
[+info] BrB Import - Textile complements for hotels and SPA
[+info] Cometel - Conveyors for metal chips in press lines
[+info] Doimak - Special grinding machines
[+info] Iris Chains - Roller chains for industrial and motorcycle uses
[+info] Keenwell - Professional cosmetics

Alumipres SL

Aluminium pressure casting, small and medium series

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Alumipres is a Catalan company specialized in aluminum die casting, in small and medium series.

Founded in 1993, Alumipres has extensive experience in providing integral solutions for injected aluminum parts.

Alumipres has semi-automatic injection machines from 200 T to 1,100 T, to manufacture parts from 20 grams to 9 kg.

The company has 4,000 m2 facilities where it covers the entire development and manufacturing process of the part: from the mold workshop to casting, machining, heat treatment or painting, all certified with the ISO-9001 quality system. The company also has ISO-14001 certification.

Alumipres is looking for commercial agents in Germany.

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BrB Import

Textile complements for hotels and SPA

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The BrB Import company, created in 2003, specializes in the manufacture of personalized slippers. BrB has a wide variety of slippers, bathrobes and linen bags, as well as textile complements for hotels.

Company is already present in several European markets, and is looking now for agents in different regions of Germany.

BRB offers a wide range of products in a competitive way.

Communication with BrB would be in English. Spanish speaking agents would be appreciated.

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Conveyors for metal chips in press lines

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Cometel is a Basque manufacturer of Smart conveying solutions for metal stamping scrap distribution. Our metal belt conveyors are suitable for the extraction of metal srcap from presses and for transport along the production plant to the material´s collection or processing point.

With more than 35 years in the sector, Cometel is the leader offering turnkey solutions for scrap removing to the main TIER1 and TIER2 automotive OEM companies in Spain.

Cometel has plants in Spain and Mexico and is currently looking for commercial agents in Southern Germany (Stuttgart area). We think in agents already introduced in the stamping technology for the Automotive sector. Capacity for after sales service will be highly appreciated.

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Special grinding machines

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Die Doimak, S.A. zählt zu den führenden Unternehmen in der Maschinenbauindustrie und bietet fortschrittliche Gewinde- Rund-und Zahnradschleifmaschinen an.

Doimak´s F+E Abteilung arbeitet seit Jahren eng zusammen mit Forschungsinstituten an der Entwicklung der besten Lösungen für die Schleiftechnologie. Dank einer langjähringen Zusammenarbeit mit Kunden bei der Auslegung und Fertigung von Maβgeschneiderten Maschinen und bei der Optimierung der Schleifprozessen kann  Doimak innovative, effiziente und  wirtschaftliche Lösungen  anbieten.

Doimak, mit Sitz im Baskenland,  hat durch die Lieferung mehreren Schleifmaschinen einen sehr vielfältigen Kundenkreis in Deutschland und verfügt über deutschprachiges Personal sowie Webseite und  technische- und Vertriebsdokumentation auf deutsch. Für die Neubelebung ihres deutschen Markts  sucht die Fa. Doimak Handelsvertreter für verschiedene Vertriebsgebiete.

Detaillierte Informationen über Doimak und ihr gesamtes Produktionsprogramm  können Sie auch der Homepage  entnehmen.

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Iris Chains

Roller chains for industrial and motorcycle uses

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Iris Chains is a company located in the Basque Country (Spain) that develops and manufactures roller chains for several industrial sectors and motorcycle use.

The company manufactures a wide range of industrial chains: transmission chains, adapted chains, lifting chains, standard handling chains or special chains according to drawing. All of them adapted to the needs of the client.

Founded in 1935, the company currently exports to 55 countries, and is looking for independent sales agents for the South and East of Germany.

The company has both catalogs and technical information in German.

IRIS Chains is lokking currently agents for Southern and Eastern Germany,

More information about Iris Chains products can be seen on their website,

Communication with the company can be carried out in German, English, French or Spanish.

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Professional cosmetics

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Keenwell, a renowned Catalan (Spain) brand of professional cosmetics, founded in 1975, specializes in exclusive facial and body treatments. We offer our own method of comprehensive solutions for the skin.

We provide both in-salon treatments and retail products for home use, developed by our own laboratory and R&D department, using the latest natural, biotechnological, neuro-cosmetic, and scientifically proven ingredients endorsed by international universities.

We also offer a line of makeup-dermocosmetics, exclusively manufactured in our facilities, as well as the upcoming launch of medical-aesthetic cosmetics in 2024.

Our focus is on B2B customers in the beauty, aesthetics, and dermo-aesthetics industry.

Keenwell is seeking sales agents for the distribution of its products in Germany. 

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